About Provide Another Mother

Provide Another Mother (PAM) is a professional, Brisbane-based domestic agency offering quality Housekeeping services to clients, including participants within the NDIS throughout Brisbane and surrounds.   

Provide Another Mother offers a personalised, one on one consultation so that we can assess your requirements and tailor a package to suit your individual needs.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for offering a high quality and suitability based service to our clients and enjoy a high volume of repeat business as a result.

Our clients stay with us because we give them the right person for the job, every time!

Our Team

Our experienced Team Members have been trained to understand the meticulous standards required to maintain homes and are carefully selected according to the superior quality of their work, their integrity and their overall professional conduct.

Meet our Managers

I moved to Australia in 2006 with my husband, 2 children and 6 suitcases of clothes. Without knowing anyone here it was a crazy time for our family. Not having extended family over here we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone. It was a challenging but rewarding time.


Fostering children has been a big part of our life, and taught me a lot about myself and the importance of having support around you; without this I don’t think PAM would have ever existed. Although I miss my family back in the UK, I found another family over here and I am very proud of what Provide Another Mother has become.


Living nearly all my life in the Redlands where I have gone to school and raised my family of 3 kids and run the family construction business with my husband. We love living in the Redlands and have made great friends and strong community ties through sport and social activities.


After knowing Cordine for over 10 years, I saw first hand how passionate she was for the business and service that she was providing. I was at a point in my life where my kids had grown and were living independently and was inspired by what Cordine was creating to help others. So, when she asked me to come on board, and some gentle persuasion that I was able to help in some way, it was a no brainer.


Two years later, we are continuing to grow and provide genuine in-home support to those in need.

Our Story

Provide Another Mother was born from the desperation Cordine felt trying to run a home with her large family of 5 children, 2 her own and 3 foster children all under the age of 14, a husband that worked full time, a dog, a cat and bird and not being able to find someone out there to help with the cleaning, washing, cooking, picking kids up from school, walking the dog and basically being another mother in her home.

Although Cordine had a great circle of friends to help out when she needed it was not the same as having her Mum, who lives in the UK, around to help out. Sometimes all we need is a little help from your Mum. After hearing about a friend who had her own Alice (you know, from the Brady Bunch) the idea of creating a 'mothering service' started to grow and it was from this idea that 'Provide Another Mother', or PAM was born.


Established in 2014, working from a small home office with a staff of 6, PAM's mother nature was set free and we started to help families with the day to day duties of running a busy household. The name 'PAM' took shape out of a number of factors. Cordine did not want her team known as cleaners or housekeepers, she wanted a name that would capture their loving and caring personalities, to set them apart and be seen within the company brand. At the same time Cordine wanted an easy name for children and families to remember. So she set out to think of a name that was easy and had meaning. Not long after 'PAM' began to take shape, short for Provide Another Mother.


In 2018, propelled by her desire to help people, Cordine registered 'PAM' as a Service Provider in the NDIS – National Disability Insurance Scheme. As the business continued to grow to over 40 staff and helping over 250 families, and joining with a new business partner Donna, we moved into our own office space and PAM became the company it is today.


We continue to be the same quality provider of in-home domestic support to both the NDIS sector and private clients throughout the greater Brisbane area from Caboolture to Ipswich to the Gold Coast. Our personalised care and recognised high standards are a key factor in our success and the satisfaction of our participants and clients. Our willingness to go the extra mile and do“the little things that count” is something we are immensely proud of. Provide Another Mother continues to go from strength to strength.


As our tagline says: - More than just a cleaning company

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